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What is a good link to your website?

This article describes the key features of an ideal inbound link that will improve the SEO of your website. To enhance these explanations with a practical case, we take the example of the website of the store of organic and natural products called ‘Le Nymphéa’ and the optimization of links leading to the page ‘Good reasons to consume organic

Practical case: referencing on the keyword ‘Consume organic’

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These optimizations should improve the referencing of this page in search enginesconsume organic. On Google, at the time of this writing, the web page on this search is the 11th out of 611,000 results. What about a few days after the publication of this article?

Keyword in link text

To better position a page, you must put keywords in the text of this link. Putting a link to a website indicating its URL as text will not do anything for it since it will already be highly ranked on a request like “www.lenymphea.be”. On the other hand, indicating keywords on which you wish to reference a website is much more relevant. A link of the type ‘organic and natural productWill bring the site up in natural results on targeted research.

Link located on an appropriate page

Search engines like Google, Yahoo or Live (MSN) look for the relevance of linked web pages. An inbound link to your website must come from a page about your activity. This site, on which you read this article, does not deal with organic and natural products in particular but in this page, it is discussed through several examples. The link “organic and natural product” will therefore have much more impact than if it was on a page that does not speak in any way of the products sold by this organic store.

Link to appropriate page

It is preferable that a link points to a web page dealing with the same subject as that indicated on the text of this link rather than to a home page. If the link “consume organic” points to the URL http://www.lenymphea.be/vie-bio-naturelle/50-bonnes-raisons-consommation-bio.html rather than to the root of the site, it will be deemed more relevant by search engines and Internet users.

Link from an authoritative website

An inbound link from a website recognized in its field will have more value than if it comes from an unknown site. Sites with high PageRank are generally considered to be “authoritative” in their field. A link from a site with high recognition (trust) will bring you more value in the eyes of the engines that will rank you better in their results. A link located on a site like Bio-Purchase : The Nouvelles Robinson online supermarket, which is today in 1st position in Google’s results on “organic shopping”, will bring much more value to the Le Nymphéa site than a site dealing with tourism or other.

Link located at the top of the web page

A link at the top of a web page will carry more weight than one located in a footer or in a navigation bar. In the case of the article you are currently on, a link to the page http://www.lenymphea.be/vie-bio-naturelle/50-bonnes-raisons-consommation-bio.html is located from 1st paragraph. This one is more important than if it was further down the page.

One-way, non-reciprocal link

Google checks if there are reciprocal links, a back link, between 2 websites. If this is the case, it assesses and attaches less importance to this link than it was one-way. As the Nymphéa has no link to this site, the links in this article have more value for Google. Creating high value-added content on your website will make it easier for you to get one-way links since people will want to link to your site or article.

Link without attribute ‘Nofollow’

The ‘nofollow’ attribute alerts search engines that there is no need to follow the link. The engines ignore such a link. It is therefore obvious that a link entering your site but having the attribute “nofollow” will do you nothing (from the point of view of your ranking in search results).

Many blogs use such links for their comments. In this way, contributors ne comment ’cannot advertise their own site. This can be considered judicious because it is a way to give more importance to the links indicated in his article. Personally, I am for an “Open Web” and which therefore contains many links and helps its partners in their SEO, like this blog 😉 (Your comments are therefore welcome and you are profitable).

Few links in a page

A link to your website from a page containing 100 will have relatively little importance for your SEO. The “referencing power” of a page is distributed among all the links found there. It is however necessary to differentiate the navigation links from the content links. A page with 2 or 3 links in its content will bring you much more relevance than a page “our favorite links” on which you will meet a hundred links.