▷ Images to change the world #Gettyimages 2020 -

New inclusive collections, a site dedicated to visual trends with Creative Insights and an inspiring Instagram account, no doubt, Getty Images wants to change the world.

How to show the world in an authentic, inspiring, committed way? This is the mission that Getty Images has set itself for 2020!

For this, the online image platform wants to stand out by offering its customers authentic images that reflect our current society, and which break certain codes in communication.

Highlighting communities and the work of creatives and photographers on its creative insights platform is also a mission dear to Getty Images. Its objective is to give an inclusive and real vision of our society with creative images and videos, with collections and works of photographers who tell a story.

The brand recently unveiled its new collection highlighting the daily life of people with disabilities, Disability :

Man talking to handicapped colleague in wheelchair: Stock Photo
Bring it on: Stock Photo

Discover all the collections, photos and videos on https://www.gettyimages.fr/

To illustrate this approach, Getty Images unveils a video presenting its values ​​and visual commitment for 2020: