▷ Implementation of virtual classes and certification path to digitize training -

Tuesday, April 21 took place our first training 100% in virtual class, confinement requires. After a benchmark of virtual classroom tools in late March / early April, we found our happiness with a tool reproducing the conditions of a classic training room for a learning experience similar to face-to-face …


A successful first virtual class session!

The first session in virtual class was given for our training program “Write to improve its referencing on Google (Google Loves Me”).

The feedback from our first learners being very positive, we will now organize virtual classroom sessions in parallel with the classroom, even after confinement.

Each of our routes will be adapted. You will therefore be able to follow, over time, all of our certification training.

After studying the satisfaction questionnaires, people appreciated the options for sharing documents, virtual tables for practical cases and group conversations., like in a real training room.

Among the options we offer during virtual classes: a system of virtual tables to follow the training and have group work, document sharing, a chat to exchange between participants, live quiz … Everything is thought to make the training more enjoyable and fun.

I also specify that our virtual classroom training is live, it’s not recorded, you can chat with your trainer. Our certifications can also be taken entirely online.

This is what our tool looks like:

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Each participant is represented by a bubble, each can move around the room as they wish.

There, you see the central table but everyone can move to other tables for subgroup work. Tables can be used to share all types of documents. The trainer can give the floor to the trainees but in a controlled manner so as not to have a hubbub as in multiple Zoom-type conversions … Except on the tables of sub-groups where everyone can speak at any time.

On the right you also see the chat, each participant can also raise their hands virtually to ask questions and speak.

Our virtual classroom training

Until the time the establishments welcoming the public can reopen (the government has not yet specified this information), 100% of our training will be provided in this way.

Once the situation has returned to “normal”, we will schedule specific sessions in the virtual classroom.

We also decided to pass our course certifying “Design and promotion of a digital training offer” in 100% virtual classroom. The theme lends itself particularly well to virtual classes.

Course “Design and promotion of a digital training offer”

A year and a half ago, we launched in parallel to our “Creation and development of a training activity” course a course dedicated to digitalization of training.

Our course “Design and promotion of a digital training offer” is made up of 3 modules, to support you in the digitalization of your training offer:

  1. Design a lasting business idea, one day to properly frame your project.
  2. Create and distribute your online training, a two-day module to build your offer.
  3. Set up your online training sales strategy, also a two-day module to launch and develop your business commercially.

All over a week of 35 hours of training.

After 1 year of administrative file, we have also submitted our certification “Design and promotion of a digital training offer” so that the certification is recognized and eligible for all funding including My Training Account.

To find out more about the course, click here to find our page dedicated to training trainers.

The next session of June 15 to 19, will be provided in virtual class and face-to-face if the situation allows. The following sessions will only be in virtual class.

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See you soon for the next training 😊

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