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You know, the content and links to your site have a positive impact on your SEO. Among the advanced SEO techniques, creating a network of content sites in the form of blogs can be particularly effective. Let’s see this together and take the opportunity to discover Youdot, a service that helps you create this type of network easily …

What is a PBN?

A PBN or Private Blog Network is a private network of content sites created with a view to establishing links to the main site in order to gain popularity and positioning on targeted queries. These sites can, at the same time, generate audiences and be monetized.

Example : an insurer can create a content site on subjects related to insurance with a view to developing links to its commercial site and bringing it up to the targeted expressions.

It is an SEO technique that can be very effective in getting on competitive queries, provided, of course, that the PBN is created in a qualitative way and that the contents are also of quality.

Points to watch out for to build a high-performance PBN

From an editorial point of view, the content must be of quality, unique and personalized to your activity.

The sites must be created in a qualitative way and ensure a certain number of technical prerequisites:

  • Worked design;
  • Fast charging temp;
  • Secure connection via SSL;
  • Optimization of the display for mobile;
  • And of course optimized for SEO.

Domain authority will also come into play. It may be wise to identify expired domains with good popularity for this.

You should also pay attention that the different domains come from diverse sources (expired domains, free domains, already registered domains…) and from different registrars.

Ensuring all of these points requires expertise, this is where Youdot can support SEO professionals in deploying quality and tailor-made networks of sites!

Youdot an all-in-one platform to create your PBN

Youdot allows you to create a turnkey blog network in 72 hours. You can also, from the platform, find interesting domain names and order content writing. A real time saver to have all these services and tools in one place.

The first step will be to find a domain name related to your activity.

You can type an expression on Youdot and the platform advises you on the best performing areas from an SEO point of view.

At this stage, you can also create alerts to be notified in the event of new areas available in the topic. You can filter the domains by SEO data (Majestic, MOZ, theme…) and export the results.

Once your domain name has been identified, you can order it in one click, and ask Youdot’s teams to create the site and the content for you. The site will, of course, be optimized for SEO and will integrate links to your main site to work its popularity.

The creation of the PBN contains:

  • The domain name;
  • The anonymization of whois;
  • Wordress installed and optimized (with Google AMP and Super Cache);
  • A personalized design with royalty-free images;
  • A daily backup.

This first service starts from 4.9 € per month, the price varies according to the SEO criteria of the domain.

Once the site is created, you also access the content creation service.

You can choose your theme and your keywords, the writing language (among French, English, Spanish and Italian) and the links to integrate into the content.

The contents are proofread and validated by SEO writers. Word rates vary according to different criteria but start from € 0.03 excl.tax / word.

After these first contents, you will have the possibility to add your own contents. You can also order recurring content to feed the site over the months and gradually improve its referencing.

The content and the site are your property, so you can monetize them as you see fit.

To conclude…

The very affordable prices and the very intuitive interface can make it possible to get started, very easily and quickly, in the creation of content sites for referencing. And in terms of return on investment and time spent, this is greatly felt: With Youdot, once the domain has been found, the configuration is done in 5 minutes top flat. By setting up your PBN alone, between the time of finding the host, setting up WordPress, placing an order for content, allow around 3 hours. If you multiply these 3 hours saved by the number of sites to create, the calculation is quickly done!

Currently Youdot offers a discovery offer: with the code Yodot2021, you will get 40 € discount for creating the blog with content.

It’s your turn !

Visit the Youdot website to find out more.

Article written in collaboration with Youdot