▷ Improving your web marketing strategy on social networks: 6 practical tips 2020 Guide -

Gone are the days when web marketing strategies ignore social media. They are now one of the first places where Internet users and customers interact with companies. They therefore considerably influence consumer behavior. So having a social network component in your web marketing strategy will be very useful to achieve your goals. Here are 6 handy tips that can help you.


Plan an advertising budget on social networks

Advertising remains one of the most effective ways to give visibility to a product or service. Today more than ever, online advertising is available to all businesses. It allows you to communicate with a very large and diverse audience. It makes it easier to target a specific audience, as well as to advertise events and promotional offers. It also strengthens the brand image of companies. In addition, online marketing allows you to measure ROI more precisely.

Webmarketing training

Whether on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube, a good advertising campaign must rest on four fundamental pillars:

  • The precise definition of your objectives;
  • The creation of original advertisements that make you different;
  • Analysis of the results in order to constantly adapt your campaigns to changes and trends;
  • Adapting your ads to mobile devices.

But advertising on social media is no longer free. We must then allocate a budget. The conditions and prices of advertising agencies offered on social platforms can guide you.

Schedule your publications on social platforms

There is really no point in creating a social media page for your business if you can’t feed it well. Not only does this give a bad image of your structure, it is also a waste of time. At the same time, being present on several social platforms while feeding them regularly is a time-consuming process. To do this, the best solution here is to automate your publications. Here are some benefits of automating your social media posts:

  • You can adopt an adequate editorial calendar, better anticipating your content needs;
  • You will have better time management;
  • You can keep your pages active during holidays, weekends, office hours and those reserved for other occupations;
  • You will have the possibility of targeting prospects at the right times in order to obtain more commitments …

Many tools are available to automate your various tasks on social platforms. ProspectIn is an example if you are on LinkedIn. It is a serious alternative to Dux Soup and it is easy to use for designing messages, invitations and personalized announcements.

Optimize your profile with relevant information

Large social media platforms can now be compared to search engines. Users no longer consult them only to create social links, publish and share their daily lives. They are also media through which Internet users search for contact details and obtain information on companies. Facebook and LinkedIn, for example, are two major portals where many work, business, and partnership opportunities in various fields can be found.

In this context, if you want to capture a large audience and make a good impression, you must imperatively look after your profiles. They must highlight the important information of your structure:

  • The address (es) of your stores and offices;
  • The opening hours of your signs;
  • The details of the services you offer;
  • Telephone numbers, email addresses, web addresses or any other essential information…

By optimizing your profiles, you increase your visibility and Internet users are more inclined to trust you.

Provide intelligent customer service via the chatbot

You can’t deploy a good web marketing strategy without trying to optimize the customer experience. Customer service therefore plays a role in customer satisfaction and loyalty. But, these chatbots can also be used to significantly improve your interactions with your audience.

With artificial intelligence, you remove the queues. You can instantly respond to the concerns of your prospects. Since response time is a parameter that influences user retention, you are more likely to quickly gain new customers with such a tool.

Chatbots on social media can make you available 24 hours a day, every day. They can automatically answer questions frequently asked by your prospects. Finally, managing a large number of conversations or chats at the same time is not a problem for them. Therefore, with chatbots, you provide instant and tailor-made assistance to your prospects.

Vary the content you offer

It is true that the content formats are not the same for all social networks. While short posts are favored on Twitter, it is the photos that draw the audience on Instagram. The preferred content on Facebook can be text or multimedia. Whereas on LinkedIn, articles and long content have a better impact.

If you want to boost your web marketing strategy, it is recommended to vary the type of content that you offer to the public. Why ? Content that remains unchanged makes you predictable and your audience may be bored. To prevent your prospects from losing interest in your activities, do not hesitate to vary your posts. You can use :

In any case, whatever publications you have to put online, make sure they are of good quality and useful to your prospects.

Use the service of a good influencer on social networks

Including an influencer in your social media web marketing strategy can really help you quickly reach your goals.

Often at the head of a community active in a given sector, influencers can be true ambassadors of your brand. They have the gift of highlighting products and services, in a subtle way, to stimulate a large following of a target audience.

Depending on your ambitions, you can offer the services of a super famous influencer, well known or those of a micro-influencer. The right influencer is the one who will truly understand your digital strategy, create quality content, original and in line with your brand. The right profile must have an audience that is concerned with your business activities. It also has to have a real influence on a good number of its subscribers.

In addition, you can also consider associating with another company that offers a product or service complementary to yours. This partnership can offer you many opportunities that will help strengthen your presence on the web.

What to remember? There are many tips that you can put into practice to optimize your web marketing strategy on social networks. Varying your content, automating your posts, using a chatbot, and leveraging the audience of a good influencer are tips that work.