▷ In SEO, there is no better time than now! 2020 -

Yesterday … I had lunch with a client. It is in the process of creating its website for a launch planned for the start of the school year. Its activity: the sale of organic cosmetic products for men. Operation bloggers, Adwords campaigns, Facebook page… he plans his launch campaign and he asks me “ When is the best time to set up my SEO? “…

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I have to tell you…

There is only one correct answer to this question: now !

Why ?

SEO can take time. Generally around 3 months before having REAL results. Whether it is for an existing site that has not yet been referenced (or which requests to be better referenced) or a new site!

And yes…

Google, even if it indexes pages quickly, may take time to consider and position your site on the phrases YOU are targeting. Optimization actions may take time to bear fruit (well deserved!)

Especially if you are in a competing theme.

And in the case of creation or redesign of a site. A golden board that I can give you is to integrate SEO from the design of the site.

By doing this, your SEO and your budget are better controlled. Why ? Because optimization for Google will require changes to your site. Some on the editorial side and others on the technical side, including how to name the pages of your site and organize its tree structure.

So, as part of creating or redesigning a site, if we integrate SEO from the start:

  • We avoid changing URLs several times (once at creation and after optimization). Why ? This frees you from redirecting old pages to new ones and potentially getting errors (404!) That Google doesn’t like.
  • By integrating SEO recommendations into the site specifications, you save time. And if we call on a developer, money since instead of having 2 services: one for creating a site and one for modification for referencing, everything is combined.

Take your visibility on Google in hand now. I help you REALLY reference your site and get results in 3 months.

A showcase site visible from its launch (like that of my client), an increase in leads thanks to positions on keywords that bring you real clients … or, if you are an independent consultant, a new service to offer your customers with an increase in your turnover.

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To me well referenced content, visibility and qualified prospects!

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