▷ Inbound marketing by CWT Advertising & co’m 2020 -

Adapted content strategy, optimized referencing and animated community… it is by implementing an Inbound Marketing strategy that our blog has known success. Today, we want to make available our knowledge in Inbound Marketing via a service combining these three areas of expertise …

Change your approach to marketing …

inbound marketing

Faced with an increasingly present traditional advertising, consumers are less and less receptive to messages sent by companies. It’s time to change our approach to marketing. Letting customers come to you rather than fetching them through traditional marketing techniques is the goal of Inbound Marketing.

TheInbound Marketing combines quality content with optimized natural referencing and an adequate presence on social networks.

Thanks to SEO and communication on social networks, quality content is highlighted. People interested in this content then discover the company and the relationship with it can begin (via a newsletter, an rss feed, social networks and automated networking techniques: emailing, call back, etc.).

The goal is to highlight the expertise of the company so that those interested can keep in mind the offer of the latter to use it when needed.

A triple expertise grouped together in the same service …

To be perfectly orchestrated, the inbound marketing strategy requires triple expertise: quality content writing, natural referencing and community management.

And this is where the Agence & co’m team can accompany you.