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Inbound marketing allows you to attract customers, but also candidates for a job offer when it is properly studied. And not just any candidates: those who are different, who stand out from the rest and match your business! This is Inbound Recruiting …

The relationship that candidates have with recruiters has changed with the Internet. Talents have easy access to information through social media and can compare the companies they want to integrate with the offers they want to apply for. It gives them more power. They are now aware of their value.

With an ever-increasing number of graduates, it has now become mandatory to find solutions that will save time in the recruitment process and allow you to have a relevant selection to grow the business.

The recruiter must therefore adapt his way of recruiting. Inbound marketing, which then becomes inbound recruiting, seems to be the ideal solution.

To succeed in Inbound Recruiting, you must first of all implement inbound marketing type actions. Inbound recruiting consists in getting noticed by the candidates and no longer in looking for them.

Inbound recruiting is the art of attracting candidates to your business.

This is done through search engines, social networks or by consulting career pages. The candidates will thus come across your content, your job offers. If they find them interesting, they will click on them. This is the first step in inbound recruiting: awareness ” or ” awareness“.

Why does Inbound Recruiting help effective recruitment?

Inbound recruiting provides quality recruitment. In particular, you will be able to analyze and understand where the candidates who are applying come from, and find out which are the best channels that helped attract them.

Thanks to Inbound Recruiting, you will know on which subjects and through which channels the best candidates get information.

Inbound recruiting also affects passive candidates, that is to say those who are not necessarily looking for a job, but who may come across your offer and who are still interested.

You must learn to use web tools well in order to automate the recruitment process such as sending emails, tracing exchanges and tracking indicators. They will allow you to know the expectations as well as the centers of interest of your future recruits.

The Internet is an essential vector of the inbound recruiting strategy, which will lead to better optimization of your web pages. Don’t forget to include good call to action on your landing pages.

Stand out!

Inbound recruiting allows you to stand out from competing companies. You will be more present in the mind of the potential future candidate. Recruitment sites are full of job openings and yours could easily be left behind.

By investing in inbound recruiting, your ad can be published only on your own site and relayed by social networks, like a magnet for candidates.

You must attract as many qualified candidates as possible for the position.
But beware, the idea is to attract the right candidates for the job, not just any. It is therefore useful to estimate the number of potential candidates and to measure their quality of your audience beforehand.

Anticipate the needs and desires of your candidate on the job market. This will allow you to optimize your conversion rate at each stage of your recruitment process and therefore to recruit talents who will remain and contribute in the long term to the development of your business.

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