It would not occur to a small downtown merchant to abandon a shop window, sign, storefront or business cards … You might as well barricade yourself or close your store! Well, on the internet, it’s the same thing. The notion of visibility is there, and all the more so that with the web we can potentially reach the whole world … In return, competition also comes from everywhere, hence the importance of taking care of your web marketing, the smallest detail can make a difference! This is where the use of infomercial and placement of links, via a platform like, is more than relevant to be the more visible in its segment.

The need to be ever more visible

Anyone can have a domain name in a few clicks. Same for an account on the most popular social networks on the planet. But it will be useless if these gateways are not a little bit supplied. On the contrary, a site without news or a Facebook page without new publications will make one think of a business… dead. And, from the point of view of competitiveness, this will indeed be the case.

Beyond regular management of its own digital storefronts, it is necessary to further extend its visibility. Why ? Because your competitors also have Facebook, LinkedIn, an e-shop, etc. It is therefore advisable to do at least as well as them in these fields, but it is also necessary to distance them everywhere else, on the grounds where they are hardly (yet) present or not good enough. This is something that the team members keep repeating, because it is a reality that they can see every day.

The future lies in native advertising

Here, a strategy born in the USA around 2012 indeed provides a solution for web marketers. It’s the native advertising – or native advertising – which consists of making relevant, relevant and therefore effective advertising appear on influential sites. Where most competitors are adopting an aging marketing tactic, such as ordering banners and pop-ups that are not appreciated by internet users, we must move towards intelligent communication. In short, these are sponsored articles, infomercials, placement of links and mentions on the most prominent social networks. This is the basics: to hit the target, you have to start by aiming right.

This naturally joins the much appreciated – and appreciable – notions ofinbound marketing or influencer marketing. It is also a good opportunity to build a solid and truly professional network, always with a view to maximizing its profits. There are, however, a thousand and one different ways of implementing this policy of increasing its visibility

So how do you improve your digital visibility?

Time is money “, We used to say. And the web marketer knows this well: he seeks to find the marketing methods that are the least time-consuming for him and the most profitable for his business. It is a question of having spin-offs far greater than investments, with maximum efficiency. However, in this area, you have to know how to delegate or – at least – associate yourself with external and qualified aid that will save time for the marketer while allowing him to obtain results that are often superior to those he could have hope to have without this expertise:

An innovative concept such as that proposed by clearly has a say in this regard. Unofficially tested for a year, it has produced excellent results for the various advertisers and web publishers of all sizes who are interested.

In short, it is a platform connecting influential sites (more than 2,000 in this case) and advertisers, in every field imaginable. The former have quality editorial content and a number of visitors, making them excellent prospecting grounds. Monetized through different types of advertising, they are happy to request sponsored articles with content perfectly suited to their editorial line.

And this is precisely what the solution offers, born within the DIGINOV start-up founded in 2014 by Marc de Zordo. The latter alone has nearly 200 web media outlets, including many specialized high traffic pages such as Newsly, Coin24, Passion & Car and Trendly.

A start-up that is full of ideas

The bar of 500 advertisers active on the platform, already crossed at the end of 2017, is now a given. The interface is now looking at around a thousand, counting on the relevance of its services. Highlighting its adaptability, it offers web marketers and other professionals tailor-made offers.

This goes from “turnkey” to total freedom after a simple connection with influencers on the net. Communicating everyone’s needs allows transparent pricing and a fruitful partnership for everyone.

Due to the expertise of the platform’s collaborators, more and more marketing agencies are adopting this way of working themselves. Budget control, ease of use, results exceeding expectations: this way of doing native advertising is a marketing method with a particularly appreciable value for money.

The interface, starting this year to assault Europe thanks to a multilingual presence (50% of its customers are already outside England at the time of writing), bet that those who do not take the bandwagon will find it very difficult to stay in the race!

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