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You know, when it comes to SEO strategy, the content is ROI. Optimizing your content on the right expressions is essential to develop your visibility on Google and other search engines. If, a few years ago it was enough to have a page filled with the targeted keyword to get results, today this is no longer the case! The algorithms have improved and beyond the number of keywords present in the content, the semantic context will play an essential role…

Get a better idea of ​​what a search engine expects….

Yes but now, repeating the keyword a certain number of times is quite easy, finding the right expressions to use to reinforce its semantic context is much less …

… Finally so far …

1.en, known for its tools to help with SEO optimization offers a tool using artificial intelligence to help you optimize your existing content or create new content that will hit the eyes of Google. Let’s test it together.

AI analyzes search engine results …

Whatever your level of SEO: without knowledge, beginner, expert, thanks to an ultra simple use, the tool is able to help you develop your visibility on the engines.

The first step is to enter the expression you are targeting.

I used the term “market research” to optimize this article.

SEO optimization keyword study market

The tool then asks you if you want to optimize for Google or Bing & Yahoo, because these engines have a different way of interpreting the semantic context. In practice Google having the quasi-monopoly, we will focus, obviously on this one!

What Google does, Google probably likes.

AI measures the editorial subjects and angles developed by the targeted search engine …

Once the engine has been chosen, you must indicate the text to optimize, you can copy the text in the tool, give the link to a web page or even from a blank page to create optimized content from scratch.

SEO optimization keyword study market

In my case, I simply copied and pasted the text of the article I wanted to optimize:

SEO optimization keyword study market

A few seconds of analysis after, I have performance indicators and recommendations for adding expression to strengthen my semantic context.

SEO optimization keyword study market

The tool gives me a list of words to add. Of course, the idea is not to add them all but to add between 15 and 25. The advantage is that the tool provides a large number, so it is quite easy to find expressions that match our content.

SEO optimization keyword study market

I can click on the different expressions and they are added to a list to then optimize my text more easily by keeping it in front of you!

I also have the words which are already present in my text and which reinforce the semantics (to maintain therefore):

SEO optimization keyword study market

Last point, I have a highlight of the main themes of the article (finally those that Google has potentially identified by analyzing my text):

SEO optimization keyword study market

I can also download the recommendations in pdf to send them to my team of editors if I’m not the one working on the content!

Optimize your SEO content

I now have to rework my content by integrating between 15 and 25 expressions found by the tool. There is no need to integrate them multiple times, one time is enough.

I can then relaunch the tool to see if my rating on the bottom of my content has increased:

SEO optimization keyword study market

I thus passed, after optimization of 74% to 94%. Which should greatly strengthen my content. The 1.fr tool advises to have a score of at least 80%.

And after ?

Once the text has been optimized, it is advisable to wait at least 5 weeks before seeing the impact. Think of note your position on the targeted keyword before optimization to make a comparison 5 weeks after. Depending on the results, you can then try to keep optimizing your content until you get the position you want!

1.fr indicates observing position gains in 70% of cases, for work less than 1 hour per page. The operation has an excellent ROI compared to other often time-consuming SEO actions. You leave your existing content to give them more strength on Google.

Allow about 30 minutes of work per page to optimize your content.

Plus the subscription to the tool which is offered at € 60 per month.

Which compared to the results gives you an excellent ROI!

How it works ?

Concretely, in order to give relevant recommendations for optimizing your content, the tool analyzes all of the first 10 pages of results on the expression you are targeting to determine the expressions and the semantic context expected by Google to classify its results.

The tool then compares them to your content to indicate the expressions to add and possibly those to delete.

It thus helps you to use the right ingredients in the right proportions in order to have a recipe that pleases Google or other search engines! Yes!

The example of the frog to better understand the importance of the semantic context in SEO!

The example given on the site 1.fr on how to interpret the different ways of presenting a frog is particularly telling. I invite you to click on the link to find the example and the results obtained on Google. I’m sure this example will make you tilt?

Practical case

In order to better understand the method and the results that we can expect, here is a video presenting the case of an optimization of the Numerosdetelephone.fr site

By analyzing the traffic via the Yooda tool, we can clearly see the impact of such an optimization:

seo numerosdetelephone progression

Since the 1.fr test, we have systematically used it for important articles. We already feel results compared to a drafting which does not take into account the semantics.

It’s time to take action: optimize your content to boost your SEO

I hope this article makes you want to optimize your content. To test the optimization tool offered by 1.fr, just click here and following this link, you get a free week of testing!

Article written in collaboration with 1.fr