I’m giving you here a technique that allowed me to be hired as SEO Manager a few weeks ago. To put you in context, I applied for a start-up that created a cultural agenda type website (outings, concerts, exhibitions, shows, etc.). During a challenge, I was offered a test consisting in positioning a concert page of the site which was invisible in the results of Google …

This test focused on a specific keyword that was not very competitive. I had the opportunity to edit the content of the page and … that’s it! For that, I had 72 hours. Perfect !

“The crawl” by Google

Looking at the Google cache, I quickly realized that this task could be more complicated than expected. Indeed, the search engine did not often crawl the site (spacing of ten days for activities).

Typically, Google Webmaster Tools allows you to index a page of one of your sites in minutes. Except that on an external site it is much more complicated …

Enough suspense, here is the technique to index the pages of a site in a few minutes.

Indexing technique

To index a page from an external site you will need Google Webmaster Tools access and access from any site (as long as the two are linked).

  1. Start by creating a test page on your site like: www.mon-site.fr/test;
  2. Ask Google Webmaster Tools to explore this new page;
  3. Set up a 301 on your site redirecting your test page to the page to be indexed;
  4. Check that the redirection works;
  5. Ask Google WebMaster Tools to index the page previously explored.

As you can see, in reality the robot will be sent to the page to be indexed during the task. A few minutes later, Google Bot will normally be on your page.

Be careful to respect the order of the steps. In fact, if you request an indexation on a page with a redirect, Google will understand the deception and return an error to you.


To finish my story, you will have finally understood, I was subsequently hired by the start-up Mapado following the success of the test. Outside of my context, you can use this technique to validate external links more quickly or for even more creative techniques.