Working with influential people in your field of activity to promote your brand, products or services: that is the definition of influencer marketing! It is a technique accessible to large advertisers and small businesses, which makes it part of many communication strategies …

What benefits for a brand?

Collaborating with an influencer will allow an advertiser to reach a wider audience of prospects. By sharing information about a brand and its product on its social networks and / or on its site, a blogger or a recognized user on social networks will allow a company to reach a new audience. An audience that can be qualified if the influencer is a reference in the business sector of the company.

The influencer will inspire public confidence that he’s going to reach since he’s going to speak to an audience loyal to his news. Internet users subscribed to an influencer’s networks are likely to become consumers of a brand that has been promoted by that influencer. And if this audience becomes a consumer and then a specifier, the scope of a publication from an influential person can become very interesting for a company.

SEO can also be an argument that will push a company to contact a followed person in its field of activity. When content with links to a business site is shared, it can have a positive effect on search engine positioning.

An influencer, if he is involved in his relationship with the company with which he collaborates, can also strengthen the engagement between internet users and a brand. Communicating on social media with your audience is essential today, and a blogger or Youtuber can help get new people to interact with them.

Powerful influencers, influencers therefore act as opinion leaders who can help an advertiser bring new audiences to their products.

How to choose the right person?

Before contacting an influential person in an activity sector, a brand must define its objectives and identify its targets, because it is necessary to choose a person who meets the needs of a campaign and who will not contradict the positioning of an advertiser. The importance of identifying the key players in a business sector is well established.

A partnership can be proposed to the person chosen so that they are interested in building a long-term relationship with a company, because each party must preserve its image during a collaboration. And “silly and nasty” advertising would not pull up the advertiser or the influencer.

It is therefore necessary to offer the chosen person to subtly highlight the product of a brand via a competition, a non-“explicit” publication, an evaluation or the possibility for his “followers” to win gifts, for example.

The video below, produced by the com club, clearly explains the importance of choosing an influencer:

The influence at the heart of marketing strategies

With the democratization of social networks, brands have given more and more importance to influencing techniques in their marketing strategy. A company investigation Cision recently noted that the importance given to influencers by the com ’and marketing department was evaluated at 7.4 / 10 in 2016.

Source of the graphic: Cision.frInitially oriented towards active members of communities or the forum, advertisers today target bloggers, influential users of social networks and other Youtubers to promote their products in addition to traditional advertising techniques. And this practice should continue for a while…

Credit pictogram banner: by Gregor Črešnarfrom Noun Project

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