▷ Infographic: Google News! 2020 -

Google launched in 2002 a content aggregator to bring together all the news articles from a multitude of sources on the Web. Thanks to its algorithm, it allows to classify hundreds of thousands of news in a multitude of themes …

As with its conventional search engine, Google has implemented strict guidelines in order to be eligible and to position itself on Google News. Google collects, disseminates and classifies all of this information using its algorithm. News is a priority, so you need the freshest and most exclusive content possible!

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It is not enough to fill in the dedicated form, it takes much more than that: the rules are evolving enormously. The dissemination rules concern 4 main areas: content, ethics, monetization and finally pure technique.

Google news, it’s 1 billion users per week worldwide, it’s a significant source of traffic! We will therefore, thanks to this infographic, detail all the factors allowing a site to be published on Google news. What are the technical factors? Which sites are published? And finally, how do you show Google your feet to be read on Google News? Here are all the secrets of the news search engine!

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