▷ [Infographie] 10 Tips to Boost the Speed ​​of Your WordPress Site 2020 -

Yes, creating a basic WordPress site is fairly simple at first. But when it comes to optimizing it properly … it will generally be necessary to put your fingers in the code and implement some good daily practices!

Over time, I was able to step back and I had the opportunity to test many plugins aimed at speeding up its WordPress site. So I decided to share with you some tips and plugins intended to boost the speed of your WordPress site.

Because if you can be saved from spending days / weeks studying the question … why not do it? ?

So I recently made an infographic on some good practices to have to speed up its WordPress site, and I take this opportunity to share it with you right here.

10 Tips to boost the speed of your WordPress site

Personally, my favorite caching plugin is really WP-Rocket which is well worth the price for my taste. Otherwise, if you don’t have (yet?) The budget to invest in plugins, W3 Total Cache is also a very good one … even if more complex to handle correctly!

What you absolutely have to keep in mind is that it is not the score of your website that counts in SEO, but its loading time!

And to start improving it with plugins, you will not only have to install them and check all the boxes. Rather, test each option thoroughly until you find THE correct configuration for your site and server. Hence the usefulness of Pingdom and other tools for testing the speed of its website!

Well, of course this infographic is not complete and I strongly advise you to deepen on this topic which could in itself be the subject of a book. But I hope I have clarified a few points and saved you time! ?