2020 has considerably made companies aware of new organizational methods such as teleworking or even 100% remote work, beyond the few days taken from time to time by employees during periods of strikes, for example …

However, even before this complex period, some companies had already understood that remote was a relevant solution for employees, recruitment and was in no way a barrier to the sustainability of the company.

This is the case of Platform.sh, French cloud champion created in 2014, which has chosen 100% remote for all of its employees since its creation. Flexibility, flexibility, co-optation, mobility… These are the principles that govern the daily life of the company and its 200 employees spread over 32 countries and 14 time zones.

For Frédéric Plais, CEO and co-founder of Platform.sh, remote control was obvious, but not without organization and preparation:

When Platform.sh was born in 2014, we saw ourselves as a company where the boundaries of an office were directly obscured. To meet this requirement and to be able to manage an international team growing daily, we have refined our processes and methodologies as well as our communication methods and our tools to create a full corporate culture.

But then, how to quantify this practice and precisely measure its benefits? To answer this, Platform.sh carried out a study on the impact of 100% remote on the development of the company and its employees.

And the results are clear, both for the employees and for the company itself:

  • Saving money: for a company with 200 employees, that’s 50% overhead saved per year if the whole team was based in San Francisco, and 30% if it was based in Paris;
  • Productivity gain : 49.2% of employees have chosen teleworking to increase their productivity;
  • Time saving : 85.8% save an hour of time per day without commuting.

Discover all the results of the study in an infographic below:

About the Author

Frédéric Plais: Founder and CEO of Platform.sh. A graduate of ESCP, Frédéric made a career at L’Oréal, Infoclic then SFR, before setting up Commerce Guys in 2020, and the Drupal Commerce solution. In 2014, the French cloud champion Platform.sh was born.

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