Social Media – [Infographie] 23 Techniques for Having a Torrent of Comments – June 28, 2017

Is it impossible to have more than 200 comments on your articles? You know deep inside that NO, it is not impossible. But you don’t know how to do it. You’ve written several great articles, and asked your readers to comment explicitly. Result: Nothing. Nada. At best, you have two comments (one from a loyal reader and one from you). And most of your articles continue to shamefully display the number zero …

But what more can you do? Are there other techniques to explode your comment counter?

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Yes full. This is exactly why I decided to make a complete infographic on this.

Find out right away:

  • The 3 pillars for having commented articles;
  • The benefits of the comments;
  • And finally 23 techniques to be inundated with comments.▷-Infographie-23-Techniques-for-Having-a-Torrent-of-Comments.jpg


And there you are, you now know everything about comments. You just have to apply some of these techniques and see the results.

Leave me a comment with your main technique to get a torrent of comments. 🙂