▷ [Infographie] 8 arguments to convince you to switch to Inbound Marketing 2020 -

Thanks to the Internet, marketing has evolved over the years. However, brands still rely on traditional approaches to outbound marketing by purchasing advertising space on all possible media. Whether with TV spots in the middle of a series, Pop-ups while you are browsing your favorite sites or spam in your emails, that is to say that these intrusive techniques are less and less effective and especially unpleasant for users …

Fortunately, Inbound Marketing is growing at a rapid pace, making it possible to bring the customer to you rather than going to seek them thanks to a methodology centered around the creation of content. Today is the best marketing strategy to acquire prospects, transform them into customers and retain them with more attractive costs than traditional marketing!

To prove it to you, I created an infographic with eight arguments to convince you to finally switch to Inbound Marketing for your digital strategy.

Inbound Marketing Infographic