▷ [Infographie] 9 Essential SEO Strategies to Master in 2017 2020 -

It’s all about being up to date when it comes to SEO. Everyone wants more organic traffic to their website. But although it is generally recognized, Google has more than 200 SEO factors and regularly updates its algorithm. So it’s hard to be constantly up to date with all these little changes and know where to focus your business efforts when it comes to SEO …

So I have compiled below 9 essential SEO strategies that you should already have in place, or at least start applying.

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There you go, you know everything.

SEO is constantly changing and it could be difficult to stay on the page. But if you apply the key elements correctly and produce engaging content for your readers, then you will be successful.

Remember, focus on producing quality content and delivering value to your users. Because as Google’s goal, it should also be yours.

And now, I would like to have your opinion! What techniques and strategies are you using? Leave me a quick comment below 🙂