▷ [INFOGRAPHIE] Halloween on the web 2020 -

Generating more than 9.1 Billion expenses in the United States, the Halloween commercial potential continues to expand worldwide, with an average of € 63 of budget spent per household in England in 2017. An opportunity for advertisers who do not fail to rethink their staging produced in the style of pagan celebration, to attract young and old…

Social media, the primary source of inspiration for modern consumers, is not left out of the marketing strategies deployed by brands.

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With more than 700 million accounts, 80% of which follow at least one brand, Instagram in particular is particularly attractive for advertisers who wish to engage with their community.

So, for Halloween, many advertisers have worked in partnership with influencers on Instagram to inspire their audience and strengthen ties with their consumers.

Here are the numbers you should remember, summarized in a special infographic “Halloween on the web”.

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Camille is in charge of marketing at Lefty, an influencer marketing solution equipped with a unique profiling and matching algorithm to allow brands to collaborate with the most relevant influencers.