▷ [Infographie] How to choose the colors of your logo? 2020 -

Color psychology is no secret to anyone. Today, everyone knows that they have a direct impact not only on our perceptions, but also on our emotions and behaviors. For example, yellow is commonly used to invoke warmth, optimism, even excitement, while green has more restful virtues inspiring nature, peace, hope …

So, when creating your logo, it is very important to look into the meanings of the colors and play with their associations. You will opt for a palette that will highlight the strengths of your business and capture the attention of those to whom you want to speak.

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In the same way, spend time to define a clear and original personality for your brand. What virtues or qualities do you want to embody? Are you a paragon of innovation, a reliable and serious player in your sector of activity, a young organization based on solidarity and development? Find the adjectives that fully reflect the project you want to develop, that set you apart from the competition, and bring out a unique color palette.

The infographic below produced by 99designs aims to help you identify in a fun way the character traits of your brand that will be essential for the selection of colors for your logo.

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And if you still have trouble making your choice, you can consult this study on the color of logos by sector of activity.