▷ [Infographie] Skype Interview - The 5 Commandments 2020 -

Freelancer, intern or web marketer wanting to take the international tangent, this Skype interview guide is for you! It saves time, saves travel costs and makes it easier to assess candidates. The video interview has everything to appeal to recruiters. So let’s get started and get into good habits with this infographic created by Viking, an office supply company …

1. Organized you will be

If you have a video interview, you will surely have previously communicated with your recruiter by email. So when you agree on a date and time, don’t hesitate to add a note to the schedule “I confirm Monday February 29, 9:00 am (South Africa time)”.

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Skype itw 1.

2. Professionalism will be your watchword

BEFORE giving your Skype details to everyone, make sure of the professionalism and availability of your profile. Like Facebook, nickname, photo and parameters will be scrutinized by the recruiter and will give information to interpret on your personality. Is it clear enough “Blonde_Sexy_69”?

Skype itw 2.
During the interview, the recruiter will have a view of the visually available environment. Make sure that the location where you will be interviewing reveals a positive “background image” for your image.

Skype itw 2.1

3. Technophile you will become

Because an infographic is worth a thousand words, here is an important list of technical points and tools to check.

Skype itw 3.

4. Stressed you will not be

Regarding the format, stress management is different for a video interview. You must master your non-verbal communication: body language, look and clothes. The fact is that we will only see you in a square, you can indeed stay in underwear and socks, but you will not be able to make big gestures.

Again, given the format, connection can sometimes make oral comprehension difficult. So change your oral communication, do not speak too quickly, but above all, release the pressure. You have the right to ask to repeat (even several times).

Skype itw 4.

5. Cheating you will have the right!

We’re not talking about plagiarism or duplicate content, but use Skype maintenance to your advantage. In addition to the elements to bring during a traditional interview, arm yourself with post-it notes to hang your 3 strong points and 3 weak points or even positive notes “Yes you can do it!” “.

Skype itw 5.

Good luck with your interview!