▷ [INFOGRAPHIE] The 80 most common errors of e-commerce sites 2020 -

Even the biggest merchant sites make mistakes! To help specialists working on improving e-commerce sites, we studied more than 5 million pages belonging to 1,300 online stores around the world in order to find which technical and SEO errors require the most attention …

Here are some interesting figures

  • 09% of the sites analyzed have pages referring to the old version (http) of their site. As a result, search engines cannot know whether the pages concerned are secure;
  • 85% of sites have slow loading speed. It should be noted that each second of delay in loading time leads to a 7% decrease in conversions;
  • 97% of e-commerce have duplicate content on its sites.

E-shops form a particular category of sites. This is why to understand it in all its diversity, we asked different SEO experts from different countries working with e-commerce customers to comment on the data we have collected.

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“I think the shortest content is the biggest problem. One of the main shortcomings that I often find on e-commerce sites is the lack of effort in editorial content. ”, – Olivier Duffez, the SEO consultant, founder of WebRankInfo, co-founder of Ranking Metrics.

Here is the link where you will find our article with a nice infographic and with comments from the experts.

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