▷ [Infographie] Top 10 qualities required to work in Startup 2020 -

The work environment of a startup is very different from that of a large group. Before embarking on such an adventure, it is interesting to know the essential qualities in order to be able to flourish and integrate without too much difficulty …

In a startup, you have to be able to show initiative and autonomy. Everyone must take charge and not wait for specific instructions. You also have to be a force of proposals and creativity in order to become a real added value to a small team.

The startup world is not an easy place to work: with stress and uncertainty, it is important to know how to take a step back and have fun, because it is above all an extraordinary experience where it must take advantage of every moment.

This is why CUPONATION England listed the 10 qualities (official and unofficial) to have to be THE startupper of tomorrow.

Infographic- Top10