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Why aren’t there more videos in commercial emails? However, when we see the YouTube visit rate, we know that online video is not dead. A video is easy to make, it is often quality content, which will get your message across and build your brand image in a fun way. However, marketers are persistent: “it doesn’t work all the time and especially not for everyone”; “The video was poor when it opened” … No more excuses. Currently, many mobile messaging clients support HTML5, which lets you view video in an email. You will see in this article how to remedy all your “video” problems and thus take advantage of the power of your videos in your emails…

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Why want to insert a video in an email?

The video already offers a much better conversion rate. Research shows that emails with video score 278% more ROI than simple text emails.

If you need other reasons:

  • The video offers a different experience. You get the attention of your target faster;
  • It is much more engaging for the client. You have more ways to work on your brand image, whether through the message, the visual, the music, the shots, the actors / characters etc. Possibly with a reminder of other visual communication plans (TV / print / store / website etc);
  • Videos are more likely to create buzz. It is very easy to share a video on the Internet and on social networks. Even simpler than sharing a text or an image;
  • A video can transmit any type of message. Whether it’s the latest updates, a tutorial, or to talk about an event. The possibilities are limitless.

How it works ?

Originally, inserting a video in an email is quite simple. You take a picture and hide a link to your video there. But today, we can go much further, thanks to HTML5. Especially since many email clients, especially on mobile, are starting to take HTML5 into account. With the increase in the use of mobile phones to open emails, it is becoming more and more interesting to insert your videos directly into emails.

However, not all email clients support HTML5 video. However, they only represent 38% of all email traffic. In other words, 62% of all email traffic is via email clients that support HTML5.

Reading a video in an email is possible

So how do we do it?

Just use the following code (who said it was complicated?).

HTML5 code to insert the video in the email

Note: you can download the code in Word format here!

This code allows you to insert the video directly into your email. So if the recipient uses an email client that supports HTML5, they can play the video directly in the email. If the email client does not support HTML5, the code instructs them to deliver an image with a link to the video or to the web version of the email.

Below are the email clients that support HTML5 and those that will stream the backup image.

email client that distributes the videos Source: emailonacid.com – Embedding HTML5 Video in Email

With the advancement of HTML5 and the desire of companies to stand out in terms of email marketing, video is likely to play a really important role in 2014. Especially since email clients may be interested in it. Gmail for example, after having the controversy by showing the images automatically could focus on the video now. What if your business is getting ahead?

If you have any doubts, examples, tips or questions, don’t hesitate to leave comments (I’ll try to keep an eye on the article in the coming weeks).