▷ Insight & Perspectives: Best practices in visual communication by Getty Images 2020 -

The digital world is a perpetual change, a change which inspires but which can also give the feeling of evolving too quickly. It becomes difficult for agencies and creatives to find the right sources of inspiration and follow the right trends for their communication …

“It is imperative to work with carefully researched and produced images. All stereotypical images from photo libraries should be discarded. So, we put at your disposal a lot of information, to help you find a picture that will correspond to this evolution of society. ” Anne Boussarie, Vice-President England, Germany, Northern Europe @GettyImages (England)

Anne Boussarie’s words are proven by the actions carried out by Getty
Images to help creatives, agencies and businesses find inspiration,
follow trends in real time and optimize their visual communication
with effective tools.

Getty Images lists all these analysis, tips and advice, but also these trend tools in its new white paper ‘Insight & Perspectives: Best practices in visual communication by Getty Images ’. The world leader in visual communication presents an analysis of recent market changes in preparation for 2019, and announces its new site visual trends, Creative Insights, for you offer a step ahead of your competitors, before studying the image and its modernity from all angles.

We will reveal our best practices for an efficient workflow
accompanied by the most efficient new tools to optimize at best
your working time. A section on the right to use images these
a few pages so as not to forget the legal dimension of the use of images,
which you will no longer have to worry about!

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