▷ Instagram is attacking Pinterest! 2020 -

After winning a new battle in the War of Stories, Instagram takes on another competitor: PINTEREST. As with Snapchat with its Stories, Instagram is inspired by Pinterest and its tables by creating a new feature: “Collections”. The concept is a bit the same, you can save content and organize it by folder…

For the past few weeks, Instagram users have been able to save images or videos for future reference. Since the creation of this option, 46% of Instagrammers have already saved a photo or video.

By launching “Collections”, Instagram is further developing functionality. This, in addition to being able to save photos and videos, will allow you to organize them by folder and thus create a real catalog of photos.

To do this, just press the button at the bottom right of the photo (or video) and choose the location where the content should be saved:

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Source: Instagram Help Center
Of course, the name of the folder may be renamed. It is also possible for the user to move already saved content to a new folder.

collections Is available on Android and iOS, with update 10.16 from Instagram!

Case to follow!