Niri Brusa Editorial project manager – CWT Advertising & Co’m

Since July 21, Facebook has offered a new way to fundraise on Instagram for a personal cause.

While TikTok has launched new stickers for raising donations, Facebook is offering a new fundraising tool on Instagram, similar to an already existing fundraising system.

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For now, only users with United States, United Kingdom and Ireland can test it. The new option is available on Instagram under Edit Profile -> Add Fundraiser -> Collect Money.

They can then choose a photo, select a category, then add details to tell their story and encourage others to donate.

When people donate to your fundraiser, they can choose to keep their information hidden from the public. However, you will be able to see their username, their name on their profile and the donation amount.

Once the fundraiser is complete, the funds are transferred to a designated bank account.

According to Facebook, each Instagram fundraiser lasts 30 days, but can be extended as many times as you want.