▷ Instagram launches a new "professional dashboard" 2021 -

Niri Brusa

Editorial project manager – CWT Advertising & Co’m

Want to get more followers on Instagram? Boost engagement on the app? That’s good ! Instagram is launching a new, more than indispensable tool: Professional Dashboard…

Information on three key elements

This “professional dashboard” is a management presentation platform that provides basic performance information, as well as simple and easy access to professional tools to help creators maximize and monetize their content on Instagram.

Trainer training

The new professional dashboard provides insight into three key elements:

  • Track Your Performance : Highlights key trends and data scores based on your account performance. You can also access your full Insights section;
  • Grow Your Business: provides quick access to a variety of tools to help you manage your account more effectively, including badges, branded content and IGTV promotions;
  • Stay Informed : Provides links to the latest Instagram educational resources, including tips and inspiration.

A more coherent and accessible list

All of these features were previously available, but this new dashboard brings them together into a more cohesive and accessible list.

The idea is that by making it easier to track performance and keep abreast of the latest features, Instagram inspires people to create content that is engaging and for users to be more active and engage in it more.

Source: Instagram