Blogosphere – Instagram likes, Facebook Ads, copywriting, voice search… [Lu sur la blogosphère] – May 5, 2019

Will Instagram really remove likes from posts?
Can copywriting help me sell? What are the solutions to reactivate your Facebook advertising account? Is Facebook genuinely preparing for a record fine? So many questions that will be answered in our selection of the best articles of the week read on the blogosphere…


Job & co’m

job & co'm

Here is a selection of offers to find on our website dedicated to employment in digital Job & co’m:


  1. Communication manager / Community manager, Kolaïs, Colmar;
  2. Social Media Consultant, We Like Travel, Nantes;
  3. Traffic Manager, Atelier NA, Paris;
  4. Marketing Communication and Quality of Service Manager, RATP DEV, Pont-Eveque;
  5. Digital Marketing Manager, Sodexo, Paris.

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  1. Tourism Marketing Intern, RATP DEV, Paris;
  2. Offline Media Marketing Assistant, Private Showroom, La Plaine Saint-Denis;
  3. Assistant Project Manager, Generationnel, Paris;
  4. Marketing Trainee – Statistics on the Pricing of our Products, Lyon;
  5. Assistant Commercial Analyst, Hermès, Pantin.

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