▷ Instagram Stories Develops TikTok-Style Vertical Feed 2021 -

Niri Brusa

Editorial project manager – CWT Advertising & Co’m

Instagram is developing a new feature that could give its application even more functionality similar to TikTok: Vertical Instagram Stories…

Turn Instagram stories into a vertical feed

Today, users browse stories by scrolling horizontally through images and videos. But it seems outdated.

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In many ways, the vertical sweep looks more natural than the horizontal movements. It is also the best way to navigate on mobile for the majority of mobile applications, such as the Facebook news feed or the YouTube home page.

That said, turning Instagram Stories into a vertical feed would be a notable change. Indeed, a “vertical stories” feed on Instagram would prioritize video posts over images to better compete with TikTok, not to mention that Instagram is working on other features to create engaging content on Instagram Reels.

A new Instagram feature to compete with TikTok

This new “Vertical Instagram Stories” feature features a simple user interface where you can slide your finger up and down to browse stories , then a big blue button titled “Vertical Stories”.

This feature is not live yet, as Alessandro Paluzzi pulled it from Instagram code. Instagram has confirmed that the feature is in the works, but is not accessible to the public at this time.

Although it may never be accessible to the general public, this confirms the strategies put in place by Instagram to compete with TikTok.