▷ Instagram Stories is testing drafts for Stories 2021 -

Instagram confirms that it will soon allow users to save draft stories in the same way they can create drafts for regular posts …

Instagram Stories users will soon be able to create Stories and save them as drafts for later posting, the company confirms.

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Instagram has long offered the ability to save posts as drafts, while Stories always had to be created at the time of posting. There are also tools to schedule your Instagram posts and stories.

But if a user starts creating a story on Instagram and wants to think more about it before posting, there’s no way to save it for posting later. Still, this feature has been in high demand as Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram announces.

For brands in particular, they frequently seek to post their updates at times that are most relevant to their audience on Instagram Stories.

Alessandro Paluzzi shared these images of what the process will look like:

The drafts format, as it currently stands, is fairly straightforward, which should make it easy to create Stories when you have time, and then publish them when you’re ready.

Of course, you can already save them by downloading them to your device or through certain apps. But these features aren’t native to Instagram, so they’re usually not as convenient in your creative flow for boosting engagement on Facebook.

By having your drafts in the app, you will be able to see them as they will appear to users, in addition to being able to use all of Instagram’s features in your draft creation process.

You can already save your feed posts as drafts in the app.

Instagram hasn’t said when, exactly, the option will be released, but it’s coming soon. Believe me, it will be worth trying it out to see how it can help you with your Social Media Strategy.