▷ Integrating .tel domains in a SEO strategy: practical case 2020 -

At the end of March, a new domain name extension appeared. .Tel. This rather special extension allows you to group all the contact details of a person or company on a page. Who says new domain name dis possibility of recovering domain names containing good keywords … How to take advantage of this new extension to consolidate its SEO? Feedback from the past few weeks

Feedback on the launch of the .tel…
On March 24, 2009, the operator Telnic launched its new extension: the .tel. From the first day, more than 250,000 requests and 100,000 domain names were registered!

As a reminder, this domain extension is open to the general public as well as to businesses and allows everyone to host not a website but a virtual business card, where a family or business name, a physical address, numerous digital addresses (telephone, skype, website, e-mail, etc.) and keywords to facilitate research. On this presentation, we note that we can enter the URLs of our sites, which say URL, say links and backlink 🙂

In practice…
The minimum will be to register the name of its brand with this new extension so as not to be cybersquatted. But we can go further and take advantage of the .tel to consolidate its referencing and the mesh between its sites.

Early April, for the group ASSU 2000, we have of course reserved the different brands of the groups but also around twenty .tel corresponding to the names of our products.

For areas related to brands (www.assu2000.tel and www.euro-assurance.tel) we have traditionally provided information on the main page: all of the company’s contact details (telephone, address, etc.), links to product sheets as well as a presentation containing keywords.

The extension allowing to also create additional pages, we have created two: one listing all the group’s sites (Example: groupe-assu2000.assu2000.tel) and the other listing the set of domains .tel that we have reserved (Example: tel-assu2000.assu2000.tel).

For .tel with generic keywords (Examples: www.assurance-automobile.tel, www.assurance-habitation.tel, www.assurance-deux-roues.tel…), We kept the same principle: for the main page a presentation of the product as well as links to the relevant product sheets from all of our sites as well as the contact details of the group. On two other pages: links to other .tel and links to all of our sites.

Thus we have about 25 domains linked to each other themselves linked to the pages of our corresponding sites. To perfect it all, we have added links to .tel linked to brands on our contacts pages.

The returns…
.Tel domains are now indexed in Google and appear on certain queries. They allow us to consolidate the mesh between all of our sites and to obtain links from domains with keywords in their URLs. Certainly this will not save you dozens of places in Google positioning, but in SEO, it is very often the small streams that make the big rivers …

.Tel directories have also appeared, by registering the sites in this type of directory, the results can still improve (Example of a directory: www.123annuaire.tel).

It should be noted all the same that the administration of a .tel is certainly simple but limited: we cannot choose the presentation, the information that can be integrated is limited and we unfortunately cannot choose the anchor of our links . In addition, with a large number of .tel, filling can be very tedious.

If you want to get started, there should still be some generic areas in some activities 🙂

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