▷ Internal links, outgoing links, backlinks ... 2020 -

Google via Webmaster Central Blog launches week of links. Each day of this week will be devoted to a theme related to links and netlinking. For this first day, Google roughly defines the different links that exist: internal links, outgoing links and backlinks. He will come back to each of these links more precisely in the coming days…

What is an internal link?
An internal link is a link within your site leading to another page of it. For example on a home page, the links pointing to the contact page or to the about page. These links are important because they allow good navigation on the site and allow robots to index all the pages of a site.

An outgoing link?
An outgoing link is a link on your site which refers to another site (partners, sources, etc.), here for example the links in the blogroll. Outbound links are also important because they link your site to the community to which it is attached.

A backlink?
Conversely, a backlink is a link pointing to your site from a partner site or from a site citing you as a source. These last links are generally the most interesting for webmasters. Indeed, they are the ones who get traffic and increase popularity. Beware however of the abuses which can be harmful for your referencing.

The week will go like this:
Second day: Internal links,
Third day: Outbound links,
Fourth day: The backlinks.

To follow the week of links, go to Google Webmaster Central Blog.

The netlinking has been going on for a year and a half, buying a link has been penalized and Google has become very strict about it. Netlinking strategies have had to adapt strongly. Quality now comes before quantity. Better to have a link from a good site (good trustrank in our industry) rather than thousands of links from sites badly judged by Google.