Depending on the importance that natural referencing takes in your activity, the following question will arise: should you go through a natural referencing agency or internalize the necessary skills …

There is no ideal solution, depending on your needs and the resources allocated to SEO the choice will differ … Here are the advantages and disadvantages of these two solutions.

Go through an agency for referral:
Benefits :

  • Easiest solution to implement,
  • Guarantee of results according to contracts,
  • SEO agencies often have monitoring cells allowing them to be up to date with the latest SEO techniques,
  • The most suitable solution for small businesses with few means to recruit an additional person.

disadvantages :

  • The provider will work no more and no less than the number of days allocated to the budget,
  • Beware of the wrong choice of providers, SEO services are sometimes uneven.

Recruit a SEO and internalize SEO skills:
Benefits :

  • Better responsiveness and involvement,
  • More conscientious optimization: better choice of keywords in relation to the company’s field of activity, further optimization (no limitation to a certain number of pages as on certain SEO contracts),
  • For all that is netlinking, it is easier to manage link exchanges internally,
  • Better integration of SEO in the communication strategy.


  • Time spent on standby,
  • Depending on the case, SEO will not require full-time work, we can in this case internalize a person with web marketing skills and specialized in SEO so that it is not just the SEO to deal with.

And why not both… Depending on the needs, it may be wise to internalize while keeping a service provider for certain tasks. For example, we can go through an agency to create additional editorial pages for SEO or links to increase popularity (search for partners, links on portals and websites of the agency network…) while keeping the bulk of SEO. internally: site optimization, netlinking partnership, etc.

It’s with this post that this series on natural reference, I hope it has been useful to you 🙂

Summary : Tips and tricks for successful SEO.