What to do against a negative e-reputation? How to get a good online reputation? Do you want an e-reputation worthy of the name? Here are two simple methods to set up, write guest articles (guest blogging), and participate in interviews…

Today, thanks to search engines and social networks, it is very easy to be able to find out about a customer, a service provider, a company and a brand.

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I do this every time I face one of the above entities. Why ? When prospecting to find a professional or a client, we no longer limit ourselves to a simple email address or telephone number.

We need to know more, his activity, his way of working, his e-reputation etc.

Today it is very easy to get this information. So what must be done to ensure that you have a good image on the Internet, that you have a good e-reputation?

Why are interviews and guest articles useful in my online reputation?

First of all, because they will help you to spread a positive image and enhance your know-how and notoriety. Then, it allows you to talk about yourself outside of your website, your blog or even your e-commerce.

Finally, thanks to the interviews and guest articles you will create links to your website and they will be indexed in search engines when your identity is sought to know you better before working with you.

To give you an example: Type in your search engine ” Cedric Debacq or opinion on Cédric Debacq »This will give you an overview on how I work my e-reputation.

How do I participate in invited articles and interviews?

Now that you know these two actions that will help you get a quality e-reputation, you have to get to work and it’s free (unless you outsource these actions).

How to find blogs to contribute to guest articles or interviews?

To find blogs, quality sites that are close to or complementary to your industry or area of ​​interest, you can use:

Trick : When you have analyzed and found your blogs, read their articles to find out their editorial lines, the comments of their readers and their commitments on social networks to determine their quality and their e-reputation.

Do you want to write guest articles and do interviews?

Here are some additional tips for writing guest articles and participating in interviews.

For invited articles:

  • Write on subjects that you master and that they are part of your expertise;
  • Treat your articles as you would your own blog;
  • Do not be greedy with links in guest articles, this is not a race for external links to your site or blog;
  • Respect the editorial line of the blogger, if you need information, do not hesitate to contact the blogger;
  • Your article must be unique and you must feel your personality, your passion, your know-how.

And finally on the guest articles (guest blogging), participate in the blogs on which you wish to publish, do not send your article without knowing the blogger, his readers and his e-reputation.

For interviews:

They exist in several formats, in writing, video or audio. It is important to choose the format that suits you.

In addition, in addition to the research cited earlier in the article, you can look on YouTube or other video platforms to find bloggers who are conducting video interviews.

If you opt for video interviews, there are a few recommendations to know:

  • Take care of your appearance;
  • Take time to breathe and speak clearly;
  • Talk to the interviewer before you go headlong.

Performing video interviews is a good exercise and it adds value to your know-how, because those who will watch this video will feel closer and captivated in relation to the exchange and commitment that you make by performing this action. .

Here is an example of a Video Interview by Olivier Monteux from SocialMediaPro and Jérôme Hoarau from Pourquoi-entreprendre.fr

To summarize this article, if you want to obtain a quality e-reputation, set up these two actions which will spread a good image of your company and allow you to convey a quality e-reputation.

And you, tell us how do you work your e-reputation? Share your experience in the comment space below: