▷ Is changing your logo enough to change the image of your business? 2020 Guide -

A brand’s logo is much more than its image, it is a visual representation linked to its mission, its values ​​and, ultimately, to what it represents. Changing the logo is therefore a reflection of the evolution of the brand.

That said, creating a new logo is a decision that requires thoughtful evaluation. However, if you really need to do it, don’t worry, you are not alone. You can go to a logo creation service. But first, let us explain some of the implications that you need to consider.

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A brand change is not a new start, it is an update

Many people think that changing brands means starting from scratch, but it’s an inaccurate and dangerous belief. Unless your business has been a complete failure in the past, a brand change should technically be an upgrade of everything your brand has accomplished so far. A change in image is a new step, not a new starting point.

Changing your company’s brand with a new logo should be seen as updating your company’s image. We design something in the present moment, while looking further, in order to remain relevant in the future. Easier said than done, frankly, but it’s a challenge well worth it.

The most important question is “why”?

Before embarking on any type of brand change, you need to invest a lot of thought into it. You have to be very clear about the real motivation to change your brand. Maybe changing your logo only for aesthetic reasons is not a good reason to immerse yourself in the complex process of brand change, we strongly advise you to think about it in order to fully understand the reasons that prompt you to do the jump.

Take a tour in the past

A fairly honest assessment of your old logo is required to move forward. You have to find out what didn’t quite work the first time. Most importantly, you need to understand why in order to fully understand what your logo aims to accomplish.

If it is not broke, do not fix it

Surely there are certain aspects of your logo that have worked well in the past, so take note of these and keep them. However, this is an update, so you need to find a way to present these items in a modern way. If you keep them in their original form, you don’t change anything. Your mission here is to effectively enhance the power of these things that have worked in the past, so act on them and make the necessary adjustments to create the best logo possible.

Enter the hearts of your audience

Changing your logo is not only an analytical task, it is also an emotional task. This new image must really connect with your audience. Take a closer look at the shapes, colors and overall appearance of your new look and find out if it works effectively as an emotional association with what your brand represents.

The market, the market, the market – everything revolves around the market

Now that you’ve gained a solid understanding of how to reach your audience, you need to immerse yourself in an analysis of the area where the success of your brand change will be measured: the market. Study the data of your company, your sales and your customers. Remember to also take a close look at your competitors. Creating a new logo is nothing more than finding another way to stand out from the crowd you aspire to defeat.

You make a work of art, enjoy it!

Designing a new logo is not enough if you want to rebranding your business, but it certainly remains a mandatory step. We don’t want to underestimate it, let’s be clear, we just want you to be aware of the complexity of what branding involves.

Fortunately, this whole process saves the best for the end: the concrete creation of your logo.

After having done all this laborious strategic analysis, in which you have carefully thought about the reasons for renewing the branding of your company, the objectives it pursues and the needs of the market, you have the right to have fun: at the end of the day is a creative task.

Keep in mind that since you are shaping the future of your business, you better be brilliant!