Advertising is everywhere all the time, on the street on billboards, on the Internet, on television, in magazines … Today advertising can seem invasive and can be disturbing. This is why brands have gradually implemented new strategies not to scare away potential customers. Among these strategies is content marketing. The idea is to privilege the content, to provide informative documents to interest the customer and thus convince him without forcing his hand via intrusive advertisements. But can this apply to the world of e-commerce? If you have an online store, is it possible to convince, to seduce without classic advertising? We explain to you.

What is content marketing?

As we explained to you, content marketing is a new approach allowing you to promote by favoring content without going through intrusive advertising. So how does it materialize? Brands can for example create dedicated pages of information related to their field, take the case of the Colgate brand. This brand that sells oral hygiene products, offers on its site information pages on brushing teeth or other prevention issues.

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The idea is therefore to interest by quality information without highlighting products. It is based on the idea that the customer will be convinced by the content and that he will then look into the products offered for sale. This is the whole point of the concept. Content marketing will not only target customers, but also prospects, partners and other actors (media, influencers, etc.) by “feeding” them with content. This will include updates to the pages of its site, new current and relevant content, emails such as newsletters, blog articles from companies relayed by social networks, white papers or informative pdf files sent free of charge.

Can content marketing be applied to e-commerce?

You own an e-commerce store and you tell yourself that content marketing is a good idea. So what could it look like? Nothing prevents you from opening a blog or an information page on your store and thus keep your customers informed on the news of your domain. This will give you an “expert” posture, an opportunity for you to demonstrate that you have mastered your subject, thereby reassuring but above all convincing customers.

It is always better to buy products from someone who is a true connoisseur. The customer feels guided in the right direction with the certainty that the products will be of quality, it is a real selling point!

How to set it up?

Content can take many forms. You can very well open a real blog, but it will take time. You will need to update the blog to prove that you are actively following the news in your field. You can also content yourself with a detailed explanatory page of your products.

Take the example of the Chrono24 online store. For its page dedicated to the Seiko brand, Chrono24 traces the history of the brand and highlights the expertise of watchmakers. This presentation testifies to the site’s knowledge of the subject with the highlighting of details for connoisseurs. It is not a question here of selling a product but of showing the customer that the site knows the world of luxury watchmaking perfectly.

This method is part of a more global content marketing strategy aimed at highlighting the brand’s expertise, confidence, knowledge and specialty in order to convince the customer.

Content marketing is a strategy deployed by major brands, yet it is fully applicable on the scale of e-commerce. By opening a blog, or by relying on quality information pages, you can establish expertise and build an image of specialist in the sector, which will reassure and convince customers. Content marketing can be a real asset, don’t miss it!