▷ Is netlinking in SEO an obligation? 2020 -

Netlinking or how to designate the creation of links is a subject very coveted by specialists in natural referencing. And as in economics, two theories seem to confront each other: that advocating the interest of creating links, the other more liberal proposing to let them come. Light on this subject…

Netlinking: what are we talking about?

The netlinking, it’s just about making connections. The web is filled with hypertext links that link sites together. Simply, there are several ways to do it: one is done naturally (mutual assistance on forums, quote from a site, mention of a site, a product, etc.) while the other is done voluntarily (registration on a website, in a directory, exchange of links). There is therefore a border between the fact that a link is ” natural ” or ” manipulated “.

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In fact, netlinking improves the positioning of a page based on the keywords on which the links were created. In other words, if you want to position yourself on a keyword, you will not only have to have a unique content oriented on the semantic field, a technical structure compatible with SEO, but also internal and external links which will deal with this subject.

Is creating links an obligation?

There are several variables that come into play in a netlinking campaign:

  • The semantic field (associated keywords);
  • The level of competition in the search engine results;
  • The content quality (rich or poor content);
  • The technical structure of the site.

Several examples allow us to understand if netlinking is necessary. First example, a site positioning itself on a niche where few competitors are present and which has unique and quality content will manage to position itself relatively easily without necessarily resorting to the creation of external links. Very often, the site manages to take the first places on research.

Second example, a unoptimized site technically, having average content and wishing to position themselves in a competitive sector will necessarily work technically on their site, improve their content, but also create links to its target page (s).

Alternatives to creating links

Some websites do not need to do netlinking as in the case of Coca Cola, Free or Mc Donalds who are so well known that this web approach is not part of their communication strategy. On the other hand, some startups or pure players must use these mechanisms to be visible and obtain qualified traffic at lower cost.

There are alternatives like how to communicate, or how to create information that will taken up by big sources. This is particularly the case for infographics which is currently in fashion, but also studies and analyzes. Become a source of information can avoid creating links since they will happen naturally.

The other alternative would be to not rely on SEO, to build a strategy for acquiring contacts on other tools such as affiliation, sponsored links, social networks, videos or even word of mouth. You will understand, it is necessary to work on several axes to be efficient.