▷ Is the ebook a good marketing tool? 2020 -

You surely know several entrepreneurs or companies who have created a book or an ebook. This practice is very effective in attracting new customers, but also in building trust and selling larger products. But can the ebook be a good option for your business? We will see that right away!

What is an ebook for?

An ebook has more than one utility, that’s where it comes in handy. Indeed you will build trust between you and your potential client, but not only. An ebook also confirms your knowledge, it shows that you are not a charlatan, but an expert in your field.

Another essential point is that ebook East a very long term product. Once written, this ebook will bring you customers and money for many years without you having to touch it. It takes a long time to write, but focusing on writing an ebook for two months is well worth it when you know the benefits it will bring later.

Besides all these marketing effects, the ebook remains a product and it also brings in money. Whether through the sale of it, but also through other products (much more expensive) that you will buy your readers. For example, 10% of your readers on average will be ready to buy another product ten times more expensive, but more complete. If you do the calculation on a hundred readers, you will quickly see that it is rather profitable.

We call this a call product, an inexpensive product, but which will sell more expensive products thereafter. Some people are very pessimistic about spending a large amount of money on a product, which is why having a small product is essential in every business. Otherwise, you will miss this type of client. The ebook is perfect for this role because it will a lot of information for its low price and create a positive feeling on your business.

How to use your ebook

Before you want to use your ebook, make sure it is well written, well built and that all the essential elements are covered. Creating an ebook to create one is not a good idea, because on the contrary it may show that you are not being serious about your business. If you want to create an ebook, make sure to don’t botch it and let him be on top.

Now there are several ways to use your ebook, I will give them to you as a list below:

  • The first isoffer your ebook for free. If you are a beginner and you are not very well known, it may be interesting to offer your ebook in order to make yourself known. In return you will collect emails of your prospects and it’s important to send them other offers afterwards. The key to a profitable online business remains collecting email;
  • Contrary to the first idea, this time you will sell your ebook. For example, 17 euros on Amazon. If you are already known as a person, but your business is less known, you will make a lot of ebook sales, but also other complementary products, because people will want to know more about you. This can be a good idea if you have a lot of Instagram or Snapchat subscribers;
  • The last option is to edit your ebook in paper format. For this option, be sure that it is already working well and that it will make sales. This is why I always advise beginners and lesser-known people to test their book in digital format first before incurring unnecessary costs.

But then the ebook, good marketing tool or not?

What is an ebook marketing for?Most of the time, the answer is yes. Writing an ebook takes quite a bit of time, but those who get started writing an ebook know why they are doing it and are keen to write it. If they have no knowledge they are training on the subject. Now for those who write fast do something the answer will be no, because the reader will feel the bad job.

The important thing if you are not motivated to write an ebook is to see long-term effects that he will bring. It’s worth working a month or two to win customers for life. If your ebook beats a bit and it works a little worse you can always get a new version out. For example by adding anecdotes, customer feedback, results. The work will not be long, but you will make a lot of sales by releasing a new ebook already well known.

This is the case with most of the bestsellers in the business. The authors of these books once create their book and then sell it to their reader and make a big buzz. Subsequently, they release the same book by adding new things and, as the book is already known, even more people will buy it. An ebook or a book works this way, the more people buy it the more it is known and the more people buy it. It is a vicious circle, the most complicated is to launch this circle, once done, your fortune! 😉

Hoping that you will soon start writing an ebook and that this article has convinced you! Do not hesitate any longer and get started now to create an ebook for your business!