The Adtech Kamp’n is a technological solution for managing advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google. Following a first fundraising of one million euros in 2016, and more than two years of research and development, Kamp’n sees its efforts rewarded by Facebook in early 2018….

Kamp’n officially becomes the last independent French technology to be certified Facebook Marketing Partners in the Ad Technology category. The startup joins the historic French players Social Moov (bought in 2015 by the American MarinSoftware) and Makemereach (bought by the Israeli Perion in 2015) with a challenging position.

Kamp’n’s main innovation is based on the adaptation of Data Driven Marketing through the connection to API Marketing Partners. This connection allows advertisers to automate and contextualize their ad campaigns. This data can be external such as the weather or sports results but also internal with product flows, CRM data, or Emailing. The platform also allows the integration of all analytical data from third-party solutions such as Eulerian, AT Internet, Google Analytics or Adjust.

Meeting with Mikael Witwer, Country Manager of Kamp’n

1 / Can you explain to us in a few words the need that Kamp’n meets?

\”We have seen for several years that advertising on Facebook and Google is often underused by advertisers. This is mainly explained by 2 factors: the lack of skill and the lack of available time. Kamp’n responds to these two problems by offering an intuitive management interface that allows you to go further than what the native interfaces of the Facebook or AdWords business manager offer.

Beyond saving time, we allow our customers to take it to the next level by adapting Data Driven Marketing to their campaigns. For this, we have structured our technology as a Marketing Partners API Hub so that we can connect to the tools used by our customers. Today, we are able to offer more than 500 partner APIs and regularly add connectors according to customer needs.

2 / You have just been certified Facebook Marketing Partners, can you tell us more about this certification?

“The Facebook Marketing Partners program rewards technological solutions that bring added value to advertisers. It distinguishes several categories and serves as a benchmark for advertisers looking for a technological solution to optimize their Facebook advertising devices and connect them to their environment.

This program includes a limited number of companies validated by Facebook on a case-by-case basis. As an example on the French market, there were only 3 certified players before the arrival of Kamp’n. To receive this certification, we had to prove to Facebook teams the added value of our solution and the performance of our platform. ”

3 / Who are the users of Kamp’n? What are their needs ?

“The majority of Kamp’n users seek to optimize the performance of their Facebook Ads campaigns while making the work of their teams more efficient. The flexibility of our support allows us to collaborate with large mature accounts as well as startups in the launching phase or even agencies looking for technological support.

Beyond the technology available in Self Service, we also offer significant human support in Full Service with the mobilization of Kamp’n experts. This hybrid offer allows us to address all players looking for a partner to develop their Facebook Ads.

Today we have more than 50 customer references such as But, Digitick, Figaret Paris, Habiteo, Caisse d’Épargne and Castorama.

Thanks to the Facebook Marketing Partners, we are confidently entering 2018. We have many projects related to the evolution of the platform, the development of new partner connectors and the opening of new European countries to confirm our growth. ”

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