After updating its interface with “Reels” and “Shop”, Instagram announced an update to its search functionality that allows users to search for specific keywords…

Until now, when you searched for something on Instagram, your results were limited to names, usernames, locations, and hashtags.

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Now English-speaking users in six countries including the UK, US, Ireland and Canada can type in specific search terms to find all articles that include the keywords they are looking for and thus be better directed. towards their areas of interest.

For now, keyword searches will be mimicked for topics of general interest and keywords that meet Instagram community guidelines. So not all keywords and niche topics can be searched in this way yet.

Instagram will also rank its keyword search results based on a number of factors including:

  • The type of content;
  • Legends ;
  • The date of publication.

It will also seek to highlight the most relevant matches for each user, based on algorithm calculations.

So this is not pure keyword research and there are qualifiers that affect how the content is displayed. But it could impact research and social media strategy to easily get more followers on Instagram.

When for England?

Sources: Techcrunch, Theverge