With the health and economic crisis linked to Covid-19, all means are good to continue to promote its brand and develop its notoriety. What has Kinder Surprise in store for us?

An unusual brand strategy

Kinder Surprise is an egg that contains chocolate, toys to assemble, surprise … An always magical experience for children. For children only? At the time of (de) containment, the brand decided to adopt a unique and unusual strategy : offer small yellow plastic eggs for… grandparents!

Trainer training

Since May 28, 2020, Kinder Surprise has launched “The sweetest of surprises” throughout England, already broadcast on social networks, including YouTube. Its goal: to maintain the bond that unites families at the time of Covid-19.

Other brands have also adopted this concept, to be entertained and busy while maintaining a bond with their loved ones. Remember, Heinz and MacDonald’s put together a puzzle by running a quiz on Instagram.

A simple but impactful communication strategy

In this new marketing operation, the famous yellow shell will become reusable so that grandchildren send a drawing, a word of love, a bracelet and other little surprises to their grandparents.

This operation is launched in partnership with Publicis Conseil and La Poste in order to receive a package. The operation is very simple to reach a maximum of targets, children: they just have to choose a surprise, slip it into the yellow Kinder Surprise shell which will be placed in a box, post the parcel, and wait for the call from grandpa and granny…