Do you want to get more traffic to your site and are you interested in a sponsored link campaign? Find out how this lever can generate targeted visitors, how to use it cheaply …

Sponsored links: how does it work?

Sponsored links are an immediate lever to be present at the top of the results of Google and other search engines. They are distinguished from other results by a slightly colored background and possibly other distinctive signs.

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The vast majority of these are text links. They are sometimes associated with addresses, opinions or feeds produced with images.

Google Ads (ex Google Adwords) works to make it simple on the concept of cost per click. You buy visibility of an ad in relation to several keywords and you only pay when the user clicks on your message.

These “paid” results are displayed above and against the free and natural results. We are talking about SEA (Search Engine Advertising) a contraction of SEO (natural referencing, Search Engine Optimization).

If you do not see the ad during a random search, either you have an ad blocker :), or that this search is not very competitive or not very popular.

For information, its Google Ads agency represents more than 90% of Google’s turnover.

Sponsored Links: How Much Does It Cost?

Earlier, you learned that this is a cost per click. Sponsored links are based on an auction system: the more competitors, the higher the price per click.

A very varied or local search starts at a few cents of a click.

A “locksmith paris” type search can cost more than 150 € per click…

Thus, only an overall budget estimate is achievable. You can’t guess the cost of a campaign in advance unless you set a daily spending limit.

To go further, the auction system is supplemented by a correlation to quality: the more your ad is clicked, the more it becomes relevant to its theme, and the more Google lowers your cost per click. This is what Google calls the Quality Score (level of quality, assigned to each keyword, rating which is renewed with each display).

When to make sponsored links?

With Google Ads / Adwords, you can:

  • Generate sales (purchase of purchase intention keywords);
  • Acquisition of prospects (subscription to a newsletter, creation of accounts);
  • Indirect notoriety, under certain conditions.

It is used in both BtoB and BtoC.

Sponsored links: the main settings when setting up a campaign

  • Payment method :
    • Pay per click (CPC);
    • Payment on print (CPM), suitable for Adsense banners;
    • Pay-per-action (CPA, requires campaign history).

How to target my sponsored link campaigns?

  • By country ;
  • By language;
  • By calendar (by days, by hours);
  • By medium (Adwords Search Network or Adsense)
    • On Adsense, possibility to target certain sites only
  • By age group (unreliable);
  • By device type (PC, mobile).

Sponsored links Google Adwords: the strengths and weaknesses of such a solution

  • Ultra-targeted visitors;
  • Daily budget entered: no budget overrun
    • If the budget is spent at 10 a.m., the ads no longer appear.
  • Sending visits to the page you want, depending on your theme;
  • Very powerful targeting: by zone, language, medium, schedules, etc. ;
  • Accessible even for small budgets:
    • Minimum recommended budget: 10 € / day;
    • Whatever the size of your business;
  • Very powerful tracking:
    • Identification of a source of visit: which keyword generated such visit, even such sale;
  • Remarketing: possibility to re-target your visitors,
  • Delicate handling for neophytes:
    • Necessary to understand the principle and the budgetary adjustments;
  • Which keywords to choose?
    • Need to target well, think carefully about your keywords before buying traffic;
  • Strong competition ;
  • Monitor your profitability;
  • Once the budget is exhausted, visibility does not exist.

Can we create or manage an Ads / Adwords campaign alone?

  • By starting on Google Ads, you will make tests and errors. This will consume you time and budget;
  • A specialist in sponsored links can deliver a turnkey campaign, with a strategy designed for you:

Google Adwords Express?

This is a simplified Adwords solution, ultra-easy to take in hand, but which pushes you to the expense and saves you / deprives you of settings.

Bing Ads?

Interesting in the context of BtoB visibility strategies or towards seniors. Think about it.

The interface looks more and more like that of Google.

Finally, sponsored links to replace SEO or in addition?

It all depends on your goals of course, and your ability to expect SEO results.

Afterwards, Adwords can make you test keywords, which, depending on their impact, will become priority for SEO…