Niri Brusa

Editorial project manager – CWT Advertising & Co’m

Pop music legend Kylie Minogue has teamed up with Facebook to bring her fans an augmented reality experience on Instagram …

The “Disco Spirit” experience on Instagram gave fans an hour to “dance” with Kylie, who performed Real groove as part of the launch of his album Disco.

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This AR performance mixed motion capture and virtual effects, created by Facebook’s ‘Creative Shop’ using its Spark AR tools.

The experience, enlivened by captured dance movements, draws inspiration from the themes and visuals of Disco.

Fans were able to experience the disco spirit for a good hour on Kylie’s Instagram page

For Facebook Creative Shop UK, represented by its manager Ricardo Caetano, this project was an opportunity to allow and celebrate self-expression. This experience made it possible to offer fans a different kind of interaction with the visuals and music of Kylie Minogue, bringing them together.

For Kylie, working on this project and creating a sparkling avatar embodying the spirit of her album, DISCO, was an absolute pleasure. Being the first to embark on this experience on Instagram was very interesting according to the singer.