▷ Large groups: Become major media! 2020 -

Nowadays, the digital transformation of companies is a necessary step for their viability. For the agency 1min30, each company must become its own media and transform its audience into customers. Obvious for start-ups that are created from the start in a digital spirit, this transformation can prove to be more restrictive for large groups, where the change will be deeper and therefore longer and more complex to implement. This would explain why a good number of large groups are rejecting these organizational changes which aim to gain efficiency, and therefore prospects and customers …

Faced with this observation, we wanted to group together in our new white paper 10 tips intended for large groups, in order to give them the elements to take into account when transforming them into mainstream media. Download the free white paper “Large groups: Become big media, 10 tips to make your digital transformation and become real media” here.

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In this white paper, you will find answers to the following questions:

What rhythm to adopt to communicate?

“Sequenced and expensive communication can now give way to cheaper and more efficient continuous communication, where only the production of content has a price.

Doing 2 or 3 campaigns a year is now obsolete, especially when it is not targeted enough (…) ”.

Why involve staff in communication?

“(…) A lack of motivation among employees can result in an increase in the rate of absenteeism (physical or intellectual), conflicts, departures as well as a decrease in productivity.

Involving employees in the communication strategy can re-motivate the troops by assigning each one a more or less important task, which contributes to the image that the company wishes to show in its messages. ”

How to stay interesting?

“A message you’ve already seen doesn’t make you want to be read… So avoid copies and differentiate yourself from your competitors at all costs. Offer something new, to surprise your audience.

This can go through the content of the message, its form or even its medium. Use your expertise and put it forward in your communication, while respecting the fixed editorial line (…) ”.

Why forget the operation in silos?

“In order to carry a message that holds water, the company must first define its objectives and draw an editorial line.

In fact, everything is linked: SEO strategies, various social networks, blog, internal and external communication all revolve around the brand platform of which the editorial line is an integral part. The choice of tools used will also be made taking into account the objectives set (…) ”.

Other issues and advice for large groups and those who accompany them are to be found in this book.

This white paper will also provide you with some examples of companies that have changed the way they communicate (EDF, IBM, Reed Group, etc.), as well as the tools we recommend to become more efficient (Scoop.it !, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Marketo , Curata, etc.).

Download now our white paper “Large groups: Become big media, 10 tips to make your digital transformation and become real media”.