Do you want to develop your business? Logically, the lead marketing is central to your customer acquisition strategies …

It’s obvious…. And you’re right…

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Who does not wish to implement a lead marketing Nowadays ? We are constantly inventing new methods and new tools to acquire this Grail: the lead.

My clients have only one goal: generate leads, at all costs. All the solutions are good: social selling, inbound marketing, online advertising. It is to believe that you don’t want any more customers, but leads, only leads, more LEADS

Yet … do you know that you are wrong? You’re on the wrong track! Leads, we don’t care ** .. icon 🙂

Leads are good!

I’ve been building online business for 16 years, and the methodologies for find clients on the internet haven’t changed, you can believe me. The tools have certainly evolved. It has never been easier to generate business.

However, to be honest with you, generate leads has never been the priority of companies that have internet success. I will explain to you why you are being deceived by focusing your attention on this insignificant stage of digital marketing.

Digital marketing agencies and solutions want you to generate lead, that’s where their money is. But this is not where yours is … It is like that! The more you want to generate leads, the more marketing automation where the digital agencies make money.

You on the other hand… 🙂

I have managed 2 inbound marketing agencies, and I am certified Hubspot, Pardot and Activecampaign. So I actively participated in spreading these false truths. And if I still ran these agencies, I would probably rub my hands, but it would not be honest.

In this article, I suggest that we take stock together on lead marketing, the lies associated with it. In conclusion, I will offer you an alternative to lead marketing that will have a much greater impact on your business. Rest assured, I’m not going to sell you another methodology to sell you exactly the same as an agency. We will above all put a little bit of common sense into your customer acquisition strategies and above all will simplify everything you do!

Definition of lead marketing

The lead marketing brings together all the strategies and methodologies allowing theacquisition of new prospects via digital or physical channels. The term is therefore not recent, but with the development of techniques of digital prospecting, it has become more and more common to see it replaced by “lead generation strategies”.

By the way, did you know that as early as 1895, John Deere already had a lead marketing strategy based on content through a specialized magazine for his target: The Furrow.

In England, I could also quote you the Michelin Guide which proposed to travelers, this famous guide that we all know …

Lead marketing is not new, but today is the new drug for marketing teams.

Well, by the way and as a reminder: a lead is a contact who has shown an interest in your products or your brand. And only that … He is still far from being a customer.

So you have to choose, you want generate leads or find clients ?

Besides, when we ask about the lead marketing we can hardly miss the methodologies ofinbound marketing developed by Hubspot which are mainly intended for lead generation.

These are all these marketing automation solutions that water us with content on the subject… We are stuffed like geese!

The lies of lead marketing

Some of you have not had the courage to go to this part of the article. But those who are always with me know deep down who this nerd is who wants to do marketing without doing lead marketing …

For those who are still with us … I think you are beginning to understand where I am coming from.

The problem is not so much in the desire to generate leads … it is important … without a doubt.

The lie is to make you believe … to make us believe that this is the most important step in our sales tunnels, when in reality what we really want is to find customers.

The marketing teams that I accompany on a daily basis spend far too much time trying to generate leads at all costs, they create contests, partnerships, buy advertising space, create free white papers and find themselves… in the best cases… generating thousands of leads every month.

But when we start to analyze their sales, we realize that out of 100 leads:

  • 60 are interesting (40 are curious, competitors, trainees, etc.);
  • 24 are qualified (budget, country, sector, etc.);
  • 18 are ready to buy (real project, knowledge of their issues, etc.);
  • 7 will be converted into customers … (40% conversion is not bad!).

Some of you will say to me: Florian, I would already be satisfied with these statistics.

I see that only 7% of these leads will generate business and carry the expenses of lead marketing to generate 93 contacts in my list which will have a significant monthly cost.

Now you know why most marketing automation solutions charge you based on the number of active contacts: because it’s super simple to generate leads !

Well, it is certain that if it is already difficult for you, this article will not please you! 🙂

In the past 5 years, I have built 3 new online businesses in which I have focused on one thing: generate customers not leads.

Heuuu… Florian… this whole article to play on words?

No, absolutely not … It’s a total paradigm shift. My goal was no longer to generate as many leads as possible, but on the contrary to generate as few leads as possible but as many customers as possible.

Moving from lead marketing to client marketing

Here is my proposal and what works for me: quit the vision ofsales funnel for that of sales tunnel.

Lead Marketing VS Client Marketing

By focusing oncustomer acquisition, you create more selective steps in your sales tunnels, you generate fewer leads, but more qualified and above all more engaged leads.

So you spend less time processing unqualified leads, imagining scoring techniques “Gas factories” and most importantly you don’t waste money maintaining “unnecessary” leads in your CRM.

What is more, these ghost leads deteriorate your quality email scores since they don’t open your emails… they’re not engaged.

They’re not part of the discussion… you’re going to have to put in a lot of energy to turn them into customers.

One of the lies ofinbound marketing resides in the lead nurturing. This myth that you can wake up a dormant lead with email campaigns to turn it into a customer by generating interest.

This is nonsense … It is to make you fill your databases with new contacts and charge you more …

In his buyer journey, your prospect will decide for himself when he goes from a dormant state to an active state, and if you set up a tunnel of sale which is only attractive to leads ready to commit, then you will take it in your nets at that time.

Yes … but Florian … you are aware that the earlier the contact is buyer journey, the stronger the loyalty bonus of the lead.

Lead Marketing: representation of the buyer journey

That’s right … except that the loyalty bonus is triggered by engagement. Downloading a free white paper is no longer engaging in 2019, for example.

So how do you set up a customer acquisition strategy instead of a lead acquisition strategy?

Here is my recipe:

Create more engaging content, using and abusing copywritting.

Offer downloadable content with very high added value, who really solve a problem of our qualified leads, but by setting up longer forms.

Your forms must make sense to your prospects … Here are some sample questions:

  • What are your current challenges?
  • Why is it essential for you to solve this problem?
  • What have you done to resolve this problem so far?
  • Why do you think you failed?

Your questions should help your prospect to question their actions and what they really expect from you.

The leads who will answer these questionnaires will already be well engaged, but you will propose an additional step: the resolution of their problem by telephone or by video conference.

Don’t be afraid to reveal your secrets … Your customers are not buying trade secrets, but the certainty that you will be able to help them solve their problem. If you are also friendly, you won!

This technique allowed me to considerably increase my number of new customers and at the same time reduce the costs of my marketing automation solutions (500 to 1000 new contacts per month it started to get expensive with a sales process of more than 3 months…).

Some of you may have already made this change in strategic vision. Can you share with us your results and the challenges you encountered in carrying out this change?

See you soon !