▷ Learn English from Marketing 2020 Guide -

While English remains a fairly simple international language to learn, many specific areas have their own metalanguage. Whether it’s the stock market, business or marketing, it will sometimes prove very useful to learn the technical vocabulary associated with a sector.


Learn Professional English for Marketing

As we told you before, learning English professionally will make you feel comfortable in areas using a particular English. This is particularly the case of marketing which requires certain skills, as well as a rather technical vocabulary.

And if the choice to have this language later remains that of many, platforms exist to familiarize you and teach you these concepts. For example, platforms such as Loecsen, Udemy or Duolingo will give you access to fun and fun applications. Applications that will allow you to learn vocabulary through courses accessible to everyone.

Other platforms such as Coursera, Communicaid or Business English Pod will guarantee you, thanks to tutors or teachers, to learn complete and up-to-date business English. In this line an application like Preply offers professional English courses for people who want to learn marketing or business English. Something that will allow many to work interactively with a private teacher.

In this logic such a platform will allow you to acquire the basics of language, while attacking the specific vocabulary. You will not only be able to learn English, but also add technical and professional overlay. An overlay that will give you the opportunity to converse with major players in the sector without ever being lost by technical terminology.

In short, it remains important for people working in the digital field to learn English in marketing to avoid being lost. Lost in familiar, colorful language that can even leave the best English or bilingual people on the sidelines.

Improve your professional English

Even if you have the basics of English, you must – if you want to work in this language – master the basics of business English.

Unlike French, which uses only a few very technical terms – because they are often anglicized – English has a host of words and expressions in fields as numerous as they are varied.

Often imagined, these terms are the sine qua non condition for working in a sector where language rarely appears to be popularized. So improving your English in order to achieve professional skills will remain important. Especially if you plan to work on the stock markets, in sales, marketing or even SEO.

So many points that will require you to acquire terminologies, idioms, that often only a professor or an expert in the field can instill in you.

Indeed applications like Duolingo or Loecsen, will not allow you to tackle in detail the complex terminologies of SEO or marketing for example. Here you will have to resort to professionals who will allow you to have the basics in each of the targeted sectors.

Find a teacher to improve your English

You will often level off at certain levels, whether you are self-taught or guided by certain applications or courses. For this reason you will have to go through the “tutoring” box to cross the gap that separates you from international English to professional English.

Here a teacher will allow you to work on points never seen or that you have voluntarily passed. Sometimes complex points, or points that were previously unknown to you.

In the logic of French, which anglicizes many expressions, you should be able to move away from the rational logic of the rule. That is to say, a teacher will help you to adopt English useful in everyday life. Oralized English from the streets, cities and not from grammar books. It is on this very point that you will make the difference in your workplace: by understanding and adapting classical English to everyday English.

In the end, a tutor will allow you to acquire subtle and original skills that will place you in your professional environment as one of the best in terms of communication.

So many essential points, that you must take into consideration if you want to improve your professional English. Learn technical vocabulary, but also manage to insert yourself in the business field, and in sectors that will ask you every time to master your subject – and your English on your fingertips. A teacher therefore seems essential to acquire the different technical capacities that an application will struggle to instill in you, as this type of vocabulary remains confined to the various sectors in which it is found.