▷ Learn online about the latest digital marketing techniques (Mega Promotion) 2020 -

Nowadays, with video training, it has become very easy to train in the latest communication techniques. Udemy is launching a big wave of promotions today on a selection of training courses. For only € 10, you can access dozens of training courses related to digital marketing: Social Media, Growth Hacking, WordPress, Dropshipping… the choice is wide, discover our selection…

Promotion on online training related to digital marketing

Until May 31, Udemy offers a wide selection of training courses around digital marketing at the unbeatable price of 10 € (the normal price depends on the training but it is around 100 to 200 €). Now is the time to stock up on training to develop your knowledge.

To help you, we have put together a selection of baby onions:

Digital Marketing Training: the basics

digital marketing training: the basicsIf you are new to web marketing, this training will give you a first overview of this field! You will learn to optimize your online visibility thanks to the various digital levers (SEO, SEA, etc.). You will understand how digital marketing is evolving today.

This training is offered by Matthieu Thomas, consultant in digital solutions.

To follow this training at a rate of 10 €, follow this link

Marketing and social media: the complete guide

social media marketing trainingEntrepreneur and specialist in digital strategy, Mathieu Blanco, offers you, through this training, to understand the functioning of social networks and to define your social media strategy. On the program: defining your social media strategy, implementing advanced options on each of the social networks, carrying out advertising campaigns, launching a blog and much more.

Click here to register for the training

Growth Hacking training from A to Z

Growth hacking is definitely in the air. It seems essential to me to have at least notions to develop its communication today. This training in 16 sessions will give you all the keys to boost your audience thanks to the ingenious growth hacking techniques. The training is given by Sébastien Tissier, Adwords consultant, for 15 years in marketing.

And hop, we click here to register and take advantage of the promotion

Google Adwords: discover and improve

An essential acquisition lever, Google Adwords allows you to promote your activity while precisely controlling your acquisition costs. This training will teach you how to create, optimize your campaigns and boost your return on advertising investment. It is taught by Vincent Chomier, web strategy consultant.

To book it, always at 10 €, click here

Google Analytics training

google analytics trainingThis training will allow you to effectively use Google Analytics and set up your key indicators, your personalized objectives and much more. Like the previous one, this training is given by Vincent Chomier.

Click here to follow Google Analytics training

Other interesting promotions

Go take a look at Udemy, to see all the other training offered as part of this promotion, you have for example the following topics:

  • Communicate effectively with the Process Com;
  • Create an E-commerce that CARTONNE in Dropshipping;
  • Create an e-commerce site with Shopify and Drop Shipping;
  • Create your E-Commerce website without being a web developer;
  • WordPress – The Complete Course;
  • Introduction to Machine Learning;
  • Data Sciences from A to Z.

You can also find all of the promotions by clicking here!

The offer is valid until May 31! Given the offer, do not hesitate to order several training courses to train you in the coming weeks 🙂