▷ Les Mardis du Marketing, 1st meeting on 15/09 2020 -

We announced in July the creation of Marketing Tuesdays, the new weekly meeting of marketing professionals to meet, discover new horizons and expand its network. In collaboration with Agence 1min30 and the Creapills blog, we are pleased to invite you to discover the first edition of Mardis du Marketing TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 15 from 6.30 p.m. to Marketing Space (39 rue Palestro, 75002). Mark your calendars!

On the program for this first meeting: Storytelling techniques

Philippe Guihéneuc and Paul-André Tavoillot of The Message Company will inaugurate this first meeting with a presentation on the theme of “New trends in communication – Back to the basics of the message”.

The Message Company

The intervention will be followed by a question and answer session, then a moment of discussion between the participants. Don’t forget your business cards!

Here is the typical course of Marketing Tuesdays:

  • 18.30: welcoming participants
  • 19h: intervention and questions / answers for half an hour
  • Until 9 p.m. networking and exchanges

How to register ?

Registration is free, and is carried out directly on the Facebook page of the Agence 1min30 so do not hesitate to join us for this first meeting!

What will be the program of the next Marketing Tuesdays?

Note that 9 dates are already planned, with companies as the speaker The Message Company, Make Me Viral, Socially Map, Vertone, Email Strategy, Cision, Eureos and EGG3.

Among them also, companies plezi and Webmecanik, who will take advantage of this event to launch their new product.