▷ Levi’s succeeds in boosting its sales thanks to TikTok 2020 Guide -

To relaunch its activity in this period of health crisis, Levi’s took advantage of its advertising partnership with TikTok. The brand has just announced the success of its marketing strategy which consists in using the call button to the action “Buy now” of the social network …


How did Levi’s use TikTok call to action buttons?

The brand is one of the first to use the TikTok “Buy Now” button so consumers can shop through links posted on the social network.

Although this strategy is still in its infancy, Levi’s says it has already seen a high engagement rate and increased traffic to its website, following initial testing.

To send traffic to its e-commerce site, Levi’s announced that it has recently partnered with influencers from TikTok Callen Schaub, Cosette Rinab, Gabby Morrison and Everett Williams. All of them used Levis Future Finish 3-D personalization technology to personalize their jeans.

Those who view the videos of these influencers, published on TikTok as ads in the feed, could then click to directly buy the same design on Levi.com until the end of the experimentation phase which ended on April 19, 2020.

The brand builds on the generation Z customer experience

Change of fabric color, change of color of the leather badge on the back, addition of cracks … in total, this first experience offers 3,400 possible combinations.

This wide choice, combined with the experience offered by influencers, has created interactions with users, who in turn share them via social networks. This snowball effect has doubled the number of views of Levi’s products.

Given the considerable reach of this social network, especially among Generation Z, brands have an interest in exploiting TikTok now. And as the pandemic is forcing a large number of users to stay at home and brands to close their physical stores, this is an opportunity to seize now to strengthen its brand image and increase sales.